We are…

…an Oxford University society for the appreciation of Sri Lankan culture and heritage

Our members include Sri Lankan students studying at Oxford University, Oxford Brookes University, as well as anyone interested in Sri Lankan culture.

Our events

We hold several events per term, such as society meals (‘curry nights’), visits from Sri Lankan diplomats, collaborations with other societies (boardgame nights, tea parties and so on) and frequent meetups to just relax and talk over a cup of tea!

You’ll find our events for the current term on our termcard. To sign up for notifications closer to the event date, join our mailing list.

Meet the committee

Our committee members are picked yearly. Contact them if you have any questions or suggestions for events!

Join us

If you’re interested in coming to our events, just talk to a committee member or sign up for our mailing list. Membership is free - all you have to do is show up!

Most of our events are free of charge. We’ll let you know in advance if an event has an entry fee - this is mostly for events like full meals where everyone chips in for the ingredients.

Anyone who wants to get involved with organizing events or join our committee can talk to a committee member - new faces are always welcome!

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